Between Earth and Sky… Hills and Sea
There stands Playaki welcoming and greeting you!

A traditional stone building created with respect to Mani’s customs and manners and great Love to our Land.
Winter trips, summer holidays, short breaks from the busy city life are all combined here.

In a beautiful place you can relax overlooking the magnificent views of the Messinian Gulf surrounding by the outstanding beach of Neo Oitylos.
Here, you will find peace and quiet, safe and comfortable environment, nature’s beauty, solitude and companionship… Village, simple life and the fishermen casting their nets every morning… Images forgotten for the youngers … and sometimes even unknown!
Spectacular views and wonderful sunsets flooded by ethereal aromas of unique herbs that can drift you away to relaxation.

“All these simple things missing from modern and everyday life”

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Νέο Οίτυλο - Μάνη Λακωνίας
Τηλ: +30 27330 29572
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Κιν: +30 6943 104009
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