Mani is located at Southern Peloponnese and extends between the middle part of Peloponnese and the Cape of Tenaro. Divided into Laconian and Messinian parts, it consists of 250 villages.

Neo Oitylo is one of Laconian Mani’s villages, a traditional Hellenic region with castles, towers and tower houses, picturesque villages, Byzantine churches, fascinating places and unique species of herbs.

Neo Oitylo is located southwest of the prefecture of Laconia and becomes the perfect basis for exploring Mani and southern Peloponnese in general.

Time distances for routes to

Areopolis – 10 min

Diros Caves – 15 min

Tenaro – 40 min

Githeio – 20 min

Sparta– 50 min

Monemvasia – 90 min

Elafonnisos – 120 min

Kalamara – 70 min

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